Sunday, 18 December 2011

I have finally settled into my new home and ready once again to start where I left off a long time ago.

After having moved to the other side of my hometown, Bradford and away from all that was familiar to me, friends, surroundings, school, I was in a completely alien environment.

Where I had lived was a large council housing estate called Holmewood and it was close to fields and woods so my friends and I had plenty of places to play and we would very often go down to the valley to jump over the stream that ran down the centre of it, or down to the woods playing soldiers and other such games. These for me were good times and I greatly enjoyed my childhood there with my family, my friends and school. At school I learnt quickly and easily and I was always in the top band for every subject.

The move however changed all this. No longer were my friends a five minute walk away, school a ten minute walk away, close to the fields and woods that I so loved playing in. Now my friends and school seemed to be a lifetime away and the only fields in a park. I had gone from living on the edge of the countryside to a scene from Coronation Street with row upon row of Victorian terraced housing clumped closely together so that the workforce necessary to run the mills weren’t very far away from them and they became a prisoner in their own locality effectively.

The move had been out of necessity and need not choice. My mum did her best but my dad liked to drink and although he had decent jobs from time to time, quite often he lost them through turning up late or drunk and being absent. This lead to us having the gas and electric disconnected and we ended up living on the edge of poverty. Although I never felt that I went without they were times through shame and embarrassment that I felt unable to bring any of my friends home.

The opportunity for a new start came in the form of a caretakers position at a funeral directors with free accommodation included. It was too good an opportunity for my parents to miss so off we went to the other side of Bradford and away from all that was familiar to me, that meant so much to me, places that held so many memories for me. I was leaving behind all my friends that meant so much to me, my support network. My school where I was doing so well, everything that meant so much to me to start a new life in a new area with people and surroundings that meant nothing to me, nobody to turn to in times of need, school so far away.

This was indeed a time of great change for me, of immense upheaval both physically and more so mentally. How did I cope? How did it change me? That’s for next time.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Hi everybody J

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog but so much has been happening. On 21st November I had my house repossessed and I’ve moved into a local, rented property. My new house is very nice and I’m happy here. However moving has been very stressful and brought its own problems. I had lived at my old house for 13 ½ years since April 1998 and crucially for me 10 years before I got my diagnosis of Asperger’s. During this time my house fell into a bad state of disrepair as any problems that did occur I didn’t know what to do and ignored them. A lot of problems I didn’t even realise were problems and all of this built up over time and reached a point where I just couldn’t afford the repairs nor cope with what happened when the problems got bad so I just shut them out of my mind and carried on as best as I could. My old house was very damp and cold and it was made worse by not having any heating in the house for 2 years because I had got behind with my gas bills. All of this meant that things just got too much for me and after taking advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau and Bradford Council it was decided that my best option would be to have my house repossessed and for me to have a fresh start. All of this meant that while having my house repossessed didn’t really bother me, I had massively underestimated how stressful moving would be, especially as I only had a day to move because of waiting for my new house to be redecorated. I was worried about how my cat Polly would be, but she seems very happy and finally after 3 or so very hectic weeks I feel that things are getting sorted and beginning to settle down. I’m feeling happy and looking forward to the future and can now start to get back into my studies and my blog. Hope you all understand why I haven’t been blogging for a while, but now things are settling down I can put my mind back into it J