Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The sensationalist Sun does it again

The sensationalist Sun does it again

Andrew Smith


Once again the Sun newspaper has come out with yet another sensationalist headline for the sake of selling more newspapers, rather than reporting in a rational way. This time it’s ‘1,200 killed by mental patients’. This is a headline that angers me greatly because I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and according to this people may think that I have more potential to kill than someone who is not diagnosed with a mental health issue.

The problem with sensationalist journalism such as this is the good it undo’s in one fell swoop of the attempts by so many people to de-stigmatise mental health. This one headline has potentially stigmatised so many people as potential killers, when in fact these people are nothing of the sort.

How many people with mental health issues are going to be afraid again to speak about them to family, friends and work colleagues? How many people are going to be sat in a room all alone afraid and unable to speak about their feelings, emotions and fears to the very people who they should be able to speak to?

I often wonder if the people behind such headlines as this actually stop and think about the damage such a headline can do? Do they realise that a headline such as this has the potential to label, stigmatise and stereotype so many people and has the possibility to put back the image of mental health many, many years?

Mental health already has a bad image with a mental health issues labelled as a benefit scrounger, unemployable, untrustworthy and now a killer. One of the problems I have some days is just dealing with my own issues just to get through the day. This sensationalist reporting just adds to the issues that myself and many others like me have to deal with on a day to day basis by making me wary of who I can talk to and open up to for fear of being judged in a negative way.

But what can be done to combat this type of sensationalist reporting? Well in my opinion any headline that has the power to label, stigmatise and stereotype a certain section of people in society should be banned because these headlines may sell newspapers but they do far more harm than good. Secondly the figures should have some semblance of accuracy and not have been manipulated for the sake of an attention grabbing headline. Both offences should in my view carry at least a heavy fine with them and a full apology on the front page for the harm they have caused.

Here is a link to some responsible and accurate reporting on the same subject:

Sunday, 18 August 2013

O how they think they know me, understand me, comprehend me,
Yet how little they really know me,
I breath, I speak, I move,
Yet beyond that which they see,
How much do they know of me?
Do they know the doubt I feel?
The apprehension I cannot control?
The paranoia I fear?
The anger I supress?
The temper I must control?
I doubt they do...............
Yet these are the demons I face,
Day after day after day after day...................
And yet every day
I put on a smile
So false a child would see through it...................
And yet an adult does not....................
And this continues day after day after day......................
As I do......................................

Tuesday, 9 April 2013



My own memories of Thatcher are of losing school milk, riots, high unemployment, the miners strike, privatisation of industry and the poll tax amongst other things. She didn't believe in society but in the individual winning at all cost. And what do we have now? Ever raising fuel prices, food prices, mortgages. Bankers and others earning big fat wages and big fat bonuses even for failure. People only out for themselves and if you can't cope it's tough, a society full of selfishness not selflessness. And unfortunately Cameron is carrying on where Thatcher left off in creating the ultimate divided state where the haves live in luxury and the have not's in squalor yet no-one cares as long as they are alright. Whilst I will not revel in her death nor will I shed a tear nor mourn her passing. I believe she destroyed this country and made it worse.

Friday, 1 February 2013

I am me. I am a person with experiences, emotions, feelings and abilties. I am not a puppet of a system where I am i made to be a part of a mechanilistic state and made grateful for having had a university experice and told what to do and how to think at a higher level. I do not conform and never will do because I am me and I will never change being me. Don't you ever change either..........................Be yourselves because of who you are and not what the system dictates you should be..............................