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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Another week and another government scandal, this time about ‘cash for access’ to influential government officials including the Prime Minister the Rt Hon David Cameron.

But this will not be a surprise to most people. Politics has always been tarnished by stories of scandal and corruption, but with the development of media technology these stories are coming faster and in more depth than ever before. And this gives people the opportunity to scrutinise the details more than ever and make their own judgement on the stories.

But what is particular worrying about this latest scandal is not the fact that people donate to the Conservative Party, but just how much influence they have had on the policies of Britain?

Government policies affect every person who lives in Britain and the current coalition government was elected in a democratic election to run this country for the people. However reading into this story it would appear that having a vast bank account can get you access to the very people who decide on policy and can even enable you to influence those policies.

So who is running the country? It would now appear that whoever is elected the people have little or no influence on government policy and the government will push through policies whether the people like it or not. This I suspect would apply equally to any party in government. So the government try and make the best possible policies for this country and run it in the most democratic manner possible.

However this latest scandal now tests this last statement very strongly. With recent policies heavily leaning towards business it does beg the question just who is pulling the strings at No 10 Downing St and making decisions that affect each and every one of us at some level or another.

In education, the NHS even the police force there had been rumours that more and more private companies will be invited to tender their services to run parts of these public services and being a private company they will be in it to make profit first and foremost. But have the owners of these companies been invited to dinner at No 10 to meet the Prime Minister and obtain very valuable government contracts? Are these people going there to further their own careers and fortunes at the expense of the British taxpayer?

It is now well known that Rupert Murdoch had considerable influence on both New Labour and the coalition before the phone hacking scandal came to light. Surely it is inconceivable to think that Murdoch was the only person to have this access and influence? We can only assume that many others that the public do not know about will have had the same access and influence that Rupert Murdoch and Murdoch was only the tip of the iceberg.

This latest scandal is very worrying for all of us in Britain. Not that a government has been found out because they nearly always are, not that it is yet another scandal in a long line of scandals, but because it raises the very important question of who really runs Britain? Who really wields the power, who pulls the strings, who has the most influence over government policy? It now appears it is not the general public if it ever was, but the governments power and influence is now called into question as well.

Are the people who run Britain the ones elected to power or the ones with the deepest pockets?

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