Tuesday, 9 April 2013



My own memories of Thatcher are of losing school milk, riots, high unemployment, the miners strike, privatisation of industry and the poll tax amongst other things. She didn't believe in society but in the individual winning at all cost. And what do we have now? Ever raising fuel prices, food prices, mortgages. Bankers and others earning big fat wages and big fat bonuses even for failure. People only out for themselves and if you can't cope it's tough, a society full of selfishness not selflessness. And unfortunately Cameron is carrying on where Thatcher left off in creating the ultimate divided state where the haves live in luxury and the have not's in squalor yet no-one cares as long as they are alright. Whilst I will not revel in her death nor will I shed a tear nor mourn her passing. I believe she destroyed this country and made it worse.

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